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You can expect to pay an average of $70 for an electronic cigarette starter kit. The typical kit comes with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, a USB rapid charger, wall charger plug, carry case and cartridges.

You will also need some e-liquid ( e-juice ). The average “vaper” will use 1 ml of e-liquid per day, therefore, a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid should last a month.

This equates to 12 bottles per year. A 30 ml bottle of high quality e-liquid will cost you approximately $20. That equates to $310 per year. Add on an additional $300 a year for batteries, cartridges, atomizers and accessories. That is $610 per year.

If you currently smoke a pack a day at $6 per day of brand name cigarettes you will pay $2190 per year.

Comparison of electrinic cigarettes to cigarettes cigarettes

  • $2190 e cigarettes
  • $610 Annual savings
  • $1580

Even if you “vape” twice as much spend double on the equipment you would only spend $1220 a year which is still a $970 annual savings.